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Full text of "As chairman of the Monument Committee of the North Carolina Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, I have the honor .."

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Dedication of Monument 






George London 



As Ch-ainaan of the Monument Committee of the Worth Carolina Di- 
vision of the United Daughters of to Confcdoraoy I have the honor, 
and it givefl me much pleasure, to present in thoir none to the trus- 
tees of the University of North Carolina this nonnnont whioh is ereot- 
ed- in raenory of those students o* t3ii« University who served in the 
arriioa of the Confederate St-at • of America. 

Ho men in any age or country noro riohly deserves to he commem- 
orated in bronze or stone than those youths ,vho at the oall of thnir 
reopective states rushed to arms and ouffcrod the Indescribable hard- 
ehips and dancers of a Confederate soldier's lifo. While thio monu- 
niont is an outward expreooion of our love for then and our admiration 
of their heroism, yet also the loving hearts of the women of the South 
will ever he memorial tablets on whioh will be inscribed the memory 
of their virtues and valor. Governor Craig has given you in part a 
history of the sorvioes rendered by the students of this University 
to the Southern Confederacy, hut no tongue oan tell nor pen doscribe 
all that oan be said or written in their praise. 

Inhonoring the memory of our Confederate heroree we must not he 
misunderstood as having in our hearts any hatred to those /ho wore the 
Blue, but wo do not wish to forget .vhat has been done forus by those 
who wore the Gray. The love that .ve have for them in like the fait' - 
ful clinging ivy. 

"So we who stand beneath the stripes a-<d otaro 
Upon the threshold of thoso later yn-ira t 
Like ivy, clinging to a d ar Loot Cause, 
Still yield the tribute of our love and tcaro. 
Thus may, with all the future's slow decline. 
The reverence of generations bo, 
Forever an ivy, that will still entwine 
The ruins of the proud Confederacy. " 

V/c have erect od thio nonv»ent not only in honor of the d^ad but 


of the living. To the latter L would say in bohalf of the women of 

t; South that .;o hope that tkeir last years may ho their happiest and 

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in 2011 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

when they Croas over the River that they nay rest under the shade of 
the trees with their immortal leaders, Stonewall Jaokson and Robert 
E. Lee. Of those who have died we may well say, in the words of 
Father Ryan, the poet priest of the South, 
"We care not whence they came, 

Dear in their lifeleps clay; 

IVhether unknown or known to fame, 

Their cause and ooun* A y still the same, 

They died— -and wore the Gray. " 

Accept this monument and may it stand forever as a perpetual me- 
morial to those Kka sons of the University who suffered and saorifioed 
so much at the call of duty. 

.- ' 


v • - 

Introduction of Gov. Craig by M»J. II. A. London. 


Ladles and Gentlemen :- 

It la with feelings of peoullar pride and pleas- 
ure that I have the honor of presenting to you the orator of this oooao- 
icn . It la unnecessary to introduce Mm to any Worth Carolina audience 
and especially to an audience at Chapel Hill whore ho epent bo many happy, 
years of his youth and jjtaid broad and deep the foundations of a career 
that has been, and no doubt will continue to be, so useful to the State 
and creditable to hin. 

As one of the students of this University who left 
its halls to servo as a soldier of the Confederacy, following Loo to Ap- 
pomattox, I appreciate moot highly this monument erected in memory of my 
comrades both dead and living. May it forever remain as an object les- 
son to teach all future generations that duty i_s n tho oublimest word in 
the English language" and that the sons of this University were willing tt 
suffer and, if need be, sacrifice their lives in their devotion to duty. 
Wo thou eh t then wo were right, and now we know it. 

Without detainingjc you a moment longer I present to you his Sxoel- 
lency, the KanoxztblnuxLctalcxaxRi5.|: Governor of North Carolina, a true and 
loyal son of this University, the Honorable Looke Craig.